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Magic Portal

Magic Portal is a brand new GPS game at UP Events. A game where reality and augmented reality are combined into a magical and exciting adventure. While the tablet guides you through the entire city, you also have to pay attention to the animated world. Through various trivia, riddles, puzzles and mysteries in the animated world you ensure that the gnome can go home through his magical portal. Note that not everything takes place in the animated world and that the real world can also help you. Also, do not forget to use the props from the action pack that you received. By combining these two worlds you end up in an adventure that you have never experienced before.



Make the right choice

In this game you play against each other in teams of 3 to 8 players.

This outing is not only suitable for families, but also for companies since you can only succeed in this adventure if you work well together. So don’t see this as an individual adventure, but an adventure that you embark on with your team!

This GPS Game can be played from our own location, but also in every major city in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Price Magic Portal at our location

Duration: 150 minutes
10 – 5000 persons: €25,95 pp excl. 9% VAT.

If you are with less than 10 players you can book for 10 players.

Price at your location

Duration: 180 minutes
15 – 5000 persons: €28,95 pp excl. 21% VAT.

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