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City escape game

During city escape game, the plague, you will find yourself in Amsterdam (or any other city in Europe) at the time of the Golden Age. This is the time of the VOC, but much more important for you the “plague”! You will play the city escape game with a tablet or smartphone in hand and you will go through different parts of the city. On specific markers you will have to answered questions and you will find hints, but beware of the plague infected areas. Be quick, because time is ticking away! Find all the clues and answer questions right and you will finally crack the code to escape from the city and leave the plague behind you!

The winner of the city escape game is the first team to successfully escape from the city. The winning team gets, of course, all the fame in the world and a nice trophy. For the city escape game, we recommend creating teams of 5- 7 players. The city escape game takes about 3 hours and can be extended with a snack and / or drink at the start and finish location.

During the city escape game you are not locked in a room but in a city area, you can not escape without cracking the code.

Extra possibilities:

It is fun to play your city escape game on foot but if you want an extra for example to play on the step, this gives an extra dimension to the event. It is possible to extend your game:
– bicycle
– step
– rickshaw

Price at your location

Duration: 150 minutes
15 – 5000 persons: €25,95 pp excl. 21% VAT.

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