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City gps game Amsterdam is powered by UP Events and organizes City games in Amsterdam and the rest of Europe. During a city game you will, divided into teams, battle your colleagues, family or friends while exploring the city. Each team utilizes our app, this can be done on your own smartphone or tablet or on a smartphone or tablet supplied by us. Each game has its own story line and theme.

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City game Amsterdam options

There are two different options for organizing your event
1.) Fully taken care of including tablets and prize for the winning team by UP Events.
2) “Do it yourself” where you play a the game on your own smartphone or tablet without instructor from us.

Measures Coronavirus

UP Events Amsterdam is open for coronaproof activities for everybody! Please read our COVID-19 Protocol carefully.

Also check out our coronaproof activities!


What can you expect at UP?

July 1, 2020


UP Events has a large area where everyone can easily reserve their own place and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

  • Our terraces are open according to RIVM guidelines, book directly. There is no maximum number of people.
  • Choose a spot on our city beach or in one of the gardens.
  • You can drop by just to have a drink, eat, do an activity or a combination of these.
  • Our activities are open and can be booked in advance or at the door. (subject to availability)
  • Toilet facilities are open.
  • We also need your help to ensure the opening runs smoothly according to guidelines. Therefore, always keep a distance of 1.5 meters. This does not apply to people from 1 household.


In addition to the outdoor area, UP also has indoor facilities.

  • A health check is done upon entry.
  • An unlimited number of people can be here at the same time, provided the 1.5 meter rule is observed.
  • Reservations are necessary for groups larger than 100 people.
  • Each room has its own toilet facilities.
  • Each room has its own drinking facilities.
  • Showers and changing rooms are open again.

With your own group

The City Games in Amsterdam are suitable for groups from 15 to 2000 participants. You may combine your City Game Amsterdam with another activity, workshop, meeting, lunch or dinner.

Request a free quote through our contact form.

As a service we offer, for some City Games, the ability to add your own questions. The questions you can add are multiple choice. If you want this, let us know at least one week in advance by e-mail.

City Game Amsterdam on a stepping bike, bicycle or rickshaw

You can also play your City Game Amsterdam on a stepping bike, bicycle or even in a rickshaw with driver. This gives an extra dimension to the game and brings you quickly from one to the next marker. We can arrange transport for you or you can come with your own bike to the meeting point. Please keep in mind to let us know at least one week in advance by e-mail. Interested? Request a free quote and we will help you further.